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"Carbon Farming" for Palm Oil Plantation Part 4: Misperceptions Between Biochar and Ash

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Because biochar application to palm oil plantations are new, many of those who do not know and tend to equalize between biochar and ash as fertilizer for palm oil plantations. Though both are clearly very different. Judging from the occurrence of the biochar and the ash is very different. Biochar produced from pyrolysis process while the ash generated from the direct combustion (incinerator) or gasification.

Judging from biochar also many different functions of the ashes just as low quality mineral fertilizers, because biochar could be a home of microbes that will increase the soil fertility. Here are some of the reasons for the agricultural use of biochar:
-Reducing requirements for other inputs, such as conventional fertilizer
-Absorption of carbon from the atmosphere to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere
-Increase yield by overcoming obstacles to growth (eg, poor soil structure, low pH, etc.)
-Improve the quality of plant growth by overcoming obstacles (eg, poor nutrient absorption resulting in low protein content)
-Remediation of contaminated soil
-Improve the physical or aesthetic properties of the soil or growing media (for example, make it dark, lowering the density of pores or give to the soil and so on)
Biochar production process with continuous slow pyrolysis technology is also very environmentally friendly because the emission gas well below the permitted threshold. While the direct burning incinerator technology has not allowed for reasons of emission gas and ash byproduct of low economic value.

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  1. Good article. It's nice to see that John Flottvik is still active and is still doing Biochar projects in Indonesia!
    I have recently been discussing the potential for Biochar to be utilized in some locations in Thailand as well, with partners here in Ontario and Thailand.
    Taiwan is also very interested in these technologies, and is also hosting the next APBC 2013 in a few months.
    Lloyd Helferty, President
    Biochar Ontario
       Biochar Consulting (Canada) / Canadian Carbon Farming Initiative (CCFI)
       New CBI Steering Committee member, (Canadian Biochar Initiative)
    Advisory Committee Member, International Biochar Initiative