Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Biobased Economy through Biomass Torrefaction

Lately a number of places in Indonesia has begun the production of wood pellets and wood chips as a renewable fuel. Biomass waste treatment has reduced the waste pollution and provide economic benefits. Since its application to energy the higher the energy content, the better it will be in addition to other properties. Through torrefaction of biomass will experience a thermal process that makes the content of volatiles is reduced, leaving the higher energy content / energy density (or energy content / unit mass is usually presented in kcal / kg) in the biomass solids.

Torrefaction of biomass which is then followed by compaction of pellets or briquettes will make the energy content per volume (one of which is expressed in units GJ/M3) the greater. And it will save on transportation costs. Torrefaction becomes an important concern lately because of the benefits torrefaction properties of these products, compared to wood pellets or wood chips. Appropriate technology that can be relied greatly needed for the commercialization process. JF BioCarbon have an effective technology for torrefaction, the more details please click here.

Many people noticed that the biomass torrefaction will soon find its golden ages at some future time. Indonesia and Malaysia in particular as a country rich in the amount of biomass it will be great potential for applying this technology. The palm oil industry is one of the potential with huge potential for implementation. A large number of oil mills and the high solid waste generated indicating the potential magnitude of the abundant raw materials. In terms of market is a matter that can not be denied that the energy needs will continue to increase directly proportional to the increase in human population. Biomass torrefaction is one way the most efficient utilization of biomass for energy. For further details, please click here.

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