Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Trilema of Energy, Economy and Environment

The big problem facing the world today is energy, economy and environment. All three are interrelated and influence each other. Solving the problem or solution to it can only be done in a comprehensive way, not partial, so that the sustainable development is possible.  That's bad idea when we just focusing on one aspect so the two other aspects are neglected thus enabling larger problem.

By the time the use of renewable energy will continue to increase of its role and will be the primary energy source at a time. This is inline with the public awareness of community for living environmentally and sustainable that continues to grow. Various regulations began to be developed and implemented to accelerate it.

Various scenarios were created for the implementation at application level. Processing biomass waste, organic waste and plastic waste and scrap tires with continuous pyrolysis technology is the best scenario to overcome Trilemma facing today.

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