Kamis, 22 Agustus 2013

The Urgency Palm Oil Waste Processing Plant

Production process of palm oil mills generate large amounts of waste every day. Untreated palm oil waste will only cause environmental problems. Orientation of the waste processing in addition to overcome the environment problem should also provide great added value for the oil palm business. Commonly palm oil mill waste is a dilemma between palm oil mill division with the palm oil plantation division, it is because the current practice of waste particularly empty fruit bunches (EFB) will generally be returned to the palm oil plantation to increase the soil fertility by composting. It means that palm oil waste is generated by the palm oil mill division, while the use of compost  is palm oil plantation division. Prior to use in plantation the waste also needs to be processed separately.

Judging from the process, biological composting process will take longer time and considerable a huge investment. Pyrolysis is a thermochemical process that is the best process for processing the empty fruit bunch. The main product of biochar can be applied as a medium to improve soil fertility and conserve the use of subsidized urea fertilizer in palm oil plantations, while biooil and syngas for energy applications. Application of pyrolysis system can also revolutionize the energy system in palm oil mill, so become more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Palm oil waste processing company that will become a stand-alone as alternative solution of the problem. Palm oil mill division will not be bothered for waste treatment especially empty fruit bunch while palm oil plantation division can directly get the product ready and apply for palm plantations as their responsibilty. The company is like a bridge between the two divisions and could be set up a separately or joint ventures with palm oil mill and palm oil plantations are best for the benefit of optimization.

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