Rabu, 03 Januari 2018

Biochar and IOT

The availability of nutrients for crops, especially food crops, to always produce maximum productivity is important for farmers. This is where biochar will help provide nutrients for the plant by making the soil microbials homes with pores, then with pores will also retain nutrients or fertilizers from leaching so that fertilization becomes effective and efficient. Biochar will also keep the organic moisture and carbon (C) needed for the plant. Organic farming that is currently widely developed will be in line with the use of biochar. The use of biochar with compost (solid organic fertilizer) is an application commonly used in organic farming and has been proven to give maximum results for the productivity of these plants. While the use of chemical fertilizers on the contrary will kill the soil microbes that will damage the chemical structure of the soil. Good soil should be like a fresh bread that expands with lots of pores in it, instead of like solid, hard bread.
Then what to do with IOT (InternetOf Things)? This IOT can later be used to measure and monitor the availability of nutrients or fertilizers for these plants, as well as various variables that affect plant growth such as air humidity, sunlight availability for photosynthesis, the presence of pests and so on. Parameter parameters will be displayed with the IOT app, which can be viewed with a personal computer (PC) or even with a smartphone or gadget in real time. With this IOT the soil conditions and nutritional availability can be measured and monitored. So the use of biochar can also be known how effective and efficient compared with not using biochar. 
The more measurable the condition and availability of nutrients or fertilizers in the soil, the easier it is for farmers to manage their farms. Fertilizers also need not be added again if known to be sufficient or otherwise. A number of studies with various experiments have shown that the use of biochar in agricultural land can reduce the use of  fertilizer up to 50%. Of course it is very interesting for farmers. With the IOT technology makes the existence of biochar increasingly known benefits so it will also be more widely used. For large biochar requirements, production with continuous pyrolysis technology is the best way.

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