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Why Not For Coke Fuel Production?

"... And We sent down the iron upon which there is great power and the benefit of men (that they may use it) ..." (QS al Hadid: 25)

If it were not iron, the earth would not have a magnetic field that holds the atmosphere and hydrosphere and all life forms on its surface. If it were not for the iron derived from the sky, there is no life on earth because iron forms a very important constituent of human hemoglobin and various types of animals. Iron is also a very important constituent of chlorophyll, a vital substance needed in the plant life cycle.

The hard core of the earth (with 90% iron structure, 9% Nickel, 1% other elements) and liquid core (which has the same chemical structure). In addition, three layers of wrapping, in which the ratio of iron decreases from the inside to the outside. Following the next layer is the bottom of the lithosphere, followed by the top of the lithosphere (crust) which contains 5.6% iron. The amount of iron exceeds 1/3 of the earth's estimated mass of 6,000 million million million tonnes.

Very much the use of iron in human life, or almost in all places or areas of human life always utilize materials from iron. The progress of a country is also closely related to the progress of its iron processing industry. By looking at history we know that the progress of the Japanese nation in its various products also starts from the processing of its iron-steel. The iron industry is the basic industry that supports various downstream industries. Steel is an iron-processing product that uses a lot in industry, construction and infrastructure, so it has a strategic role in the physical development of a country.
Coke fuel from coal
Coke is a fuel commonly used for iron processing. This coke is made from coal through pyrolysis process of carbonization. With coke made the quality of coal is enhanced by the increase in calorific value due to higher fixed carbon and reduced volatile materials. The value of the coke calorie ranges from 8,000 kcal / kg so that it is hot enough to melt or melt iron in the process. By-products such as benzol (liquid product) and syngas (gas product) will also be produced from the coke production process, so it will give interesting benefits. With continuous pyrolysis technology, the solid product of coke can be maximized, different when using gasification technology used to maximize its gas product (syngas). Cokes fuel are used for the production of steel with blast furnaces and with iron ore for raw materials. The steel quality produced by blast furnace is also better, compared to using induction furnace. 

Indonesia's coal exports are currently at 300 million tons annually and some of them are for power plants with steam turbine and industries. Almost all of the coal being exported is raw coal, which does not undergo processing, so the added value is also small. What if coal exports are processed coal that adds great value? Of course it is better. Coke making from coal is one such option. If during this coke production is usually only done by large companies, then with JF continuous pyrolysis unit then coke production can be done for medium scale. Middle class coal entrepreneurs are very likely to also produce this coke.
JF Pyrolysis Unit
As a hydrocarbon compound such as petroleum, so the side products of coal or coke production, both gas and liquid products, can also be utilized by various chemical industries, such as petrochemical industry, polymer industry (plastic) and so on. When a lot of coke production in a number of coal mining centers, the side products produced are also large. It will be able to replace hydrocarbons as raw materials of various petrochemical industries in Indonesia today. When raw materials for the petrochemical industry are produced domestically then the price can also be cheap. Moreover, Indonesia is currently a net importer for petroleum, so that the various products that can be produced from coal that can substitute the products of the petroleum oil in addition to reducing imports also grow the coal industry.

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