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JFE Project : From Garbage to Gold

In a Perfect World....
What if...there existed a feasible solution to the world's organic waste problem ?
What if...there was a way to solve water source contamination, air pollution and organic waste disposal?
And what if...the perfect solution generated income while protecting the environment?

The Perfect Solution
JFE Project is a sustainable, renewable solution for today's organic waste problems:
-Fully integrated, self-powered, self contained waste management system
-Revolutionary continous process pyrolysis technology converts organic material into marketable products including biochar, torrefied wood,biooil and syngas
-Maintain carbon dioxide neutral emission

Who we are
JFE a private company, offer an innovative, enviromentally friendly waste management system with a simple solution to world ecology and economy. The easy to operate, low maintenance, cost effective system does not dispose of, but converts organic residue to sellable products.

The System, after initial start up, generates its own power by using syngas produced from the process, resulting in a fully self sustaining operation. All energy produced from this system is utilized - nothing wasted. This continous process results in more production per operating hour.

Benefits to Industry range from clean-up and disposal solutions, to generating revenue from otherwise wasted material....a win-win solution.

Benefits to the Environment, as a result, are tremendous. With stack emissions far below any nation's allowable limit. JFE is proud to provide a total enviromental report upon request.

The mission statement of JFE is to "Promote sustainable development and improve the global ecosystem by generating clean energy while reducing pollution and organic waste.

This will be accomplished with continued innovation of our technology and global collaboration with industry and goverments. The global community must remember that renewable energy is the future.

For more detail of our presentation please click http://rapidshare.com/files/407389883/JFBC_NEW_PLANT_For_Indonesia_and_SE_Asia.pdf

We have many plant capacities that suit to your demand. Begin from 60 tpd INPUT untill 200 tpd INPUT, portable and stationary plant available and if you need bigger capacity we can simply customize it.
We ready for cooperation with your company through JV company platform.
Ready to go to the new era of Biochar

In 1545, early Spanish explorers found lush gardens and rich, black soil deep in the Amazon jungle like none they had ever seen before. The civilization has long since disappeared and scientists have recently discovered how these ancient people created the abundant soil,some areas proving to be 2,500 years old.

Scientifc research has discovered that this soil was made with powdered charcoal and fertilizer. Using this combination, tests performed by various universities have proven to simulate the Terra Preta soil.

And now many regions and counties in this planet have applied biochar to soil, they have built new protocol on this. US for example, must read report, excellence report on biochar, please read http://www.biochar-us.org/pdf%20files/biochar_report_lowres.pdf
For more detail on biochar to soil application over the globe please click http://biocharbazaar.org

Just as the Terra Preta soil was made 2,500 years ago,
JF BioCarbon Charcoal (biochar) Soil Enhancement is produced from powdered charcoal and natural cow manure, resulting in the ultimate nutrient-rich soil enhancer.

See the testimony http://rapidshare.com/files/407388435/Testimonial_about_pyrolyser.pdf

For further explanation on biochar, please sit back and relax for watching around 1 hour presentation from Prof Lehmann, Associate Professor of soil biogeochemistry, at Standford University seminar by click here

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