Rabu, 28 September 2011

Stop Burning Forest: Convert Biomass Waste Into Energy and Biochar

The tradition of open land for agriculture and plantations by burning the forest is a tradition of environmental and health damage, so it should be promptly discontinued. The smoke produced is also disrupting transportation. In addition to strict regulations that also use technology that can provide maximum benefit, need to be sought and applied. Or by economic review, how the problem is to bring profitable opportunities. Biomass waste generated from clearing land can be utilized for the production of biochar and energy.

CHP engine would be very beneficial to the environment, given the state of Indonesia which some still lack power (only about 60% area get electricity). A JFE pyrolysis unit with a capacity of 200 tons / day INPUT will produce about 60 tons / day of biochar and power 5 MW. Production of biochar with this pyrolysis technology is carbon negative, because biochar produced will absorb carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is greater than the biochar-making process. Biochar is applied again to the farm will provide benefits for soil fertility and sequestration of CO2 from the atmosphere.

JFE continuous pyrolysis technology will provide solutions to those problems. Waste biomass will be converted into biochar and energy for heat and electricity production. The smoke that interfere with vision and breathing are also not going to happen because of exhaust emissions from the pyrolysis plant is well below the emissions standards required. A number of tools to harvest biomass from land should be used to meet the needs of the pyrolysis plant raw materials.

Indonesia is committed to reducing its emissions by one through the mechanism of REDD +, with a target of 26% in 2020 or it could reach 41% if there is assistance to Indonesia. Agriculture and waste contribute greatly in contributing to emissions, iklimkarbon.com for the detail info. The flow of funds from developed to developing countries through REDD + reached 30 billion U.S. dollars worth of IDR 270 trillion per year. Indonesia launched the Indonesia green with the movement of one billion trees. One tree can absorb CO2 is known to 28 tons / year and hold water up to 100 liters / year. While the average human breathe in oxygen of 10 tons / year and uses 10 liters of water / day.

Let salvation of the earth by stopping the burning of forests and convert biomass waste into energy and biochar. To see the JF BioCarbon pot test please click here

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