Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

The concept of Zero Waste MSW Processing Using Continous Pyrolysis Technology and Biogas System

How did your perspective when looking at the mounting garbage, whether it be problems or challenges that invite the opportunity?

It's no secret that the waste problem has become a common problem in many places, especially in big cities. The challenge is how to make waste processing unit that zero waste and be profitable? Integration of continuous pyrolysis technology and biogas system is the answer on this. With pyrolysis, organic waste, plastics, and tires will produce specific products with high economic value. When the processing of organic waste are the main products produced charcoal, biooil, and syngas. All of them can be used for energy applications. While the plastic is processed then the primary product is syn crude oil whose quality as petroleum. Processing of scrap tires with pyrolysis will produce syn crude oil like in plastic pyrolysis processing, carbon black, syngas and steel wire.

With the sale of the products of pyrolysis, so the activity of MSW processing is not only dependent on the tipping fee, but the majority of the profits derived from the sale of the pyrolysis products. In addition there are two thermal process beside pyrolysis which is used on MSW processing, there are gasification and incineration, but pyrolysis has many advantages over both methods, more details please click here.

In the processing of organic waste with this continuous pyrolysis technology, before the organic waste enter  into the pyrolysis unit, the moisture content of the organic waste need to be reduced to about 10% by using a mechanical device. In this process will produce leachate that rich with organic matter so that the potential for biogas system in anaerobic digestion reactor, so that gas can be produced for power generation. While the byproducts of residual water will be cleaner because the organic components decompose during the formation of biogas, thus safely discharged to the environment and the solid residue will be used as high-quality compost.

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