Sabtu, 14 April 2012

New Uses of Charcoal Increasing in Japan

The consumption of carbon in Japan increased from 38,800 t (meric ton) in 1985 to 192,000 t in 1999. In 1999, 27% of the consumption, Or 50,835 t, was used for purposes other than fuel, as shown in Figure below. The highest proportion usage, i.e. 30.6%, was in the agricultural land, mainly as soil amendment. The second highest, i.e., 22.3%, was in the livestock industry, where charcoal powder was mixed with litter or animal feed for deodorization. Other uses were in the humidity control of houses, water purification other than by activated charcoal, as a reducing agent or a decolorant in industries, etc. Thus, the use of charcoal with various characteristics is currently diversified in Japan.
Marketing of the new uses of charcoal besides fuel in Japan in 1999. Source : association of the of the new uses of charcoal in Japan (2001)
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