Rabu, 04 April 2012

Waste Heat Recovery From Pyrolysis Plant

Urgency of availability of cheap energy is the solution of energy problems today. Waste heat recovery is the best option for this.With a pyrolysis unit with waste as feedstock then produce heat  and fuel as among of the products, of course this is a powerful solution in the current era of energy crisisCoupled with the application of effective waste heat recovery that makes almost all the energy produced can be utilized optimallyThat way the integration of the pyrolysis unit will be needed by various industries, such as the scheme below.

The high volume of biomass wastes generated in various agro-industry and on the other hand the large energy requirements for processing these productsso it's time toconsider the application of pyrolysisthe reasons include:

a. energy efficiency
bReduce environmental problems caused by waste biomass and emissions
cThe added value generated
dSustainable business

Waste heat recovery is the second stage of process of energy efficiency after you apply the pyrolysis unit in your industry, so that almost all the energy produced can be used optimally as possible by reducing energy losses in the pyrolysis process. Application ofpyrolysis unit and the waste heat recovery in a specific industry will be carefully analyzed so that the application system according to the relevant industry. Studies conducted by the Eastern Asia University, Pathumthani, Thailand showed that the waste heat recoveryfrom the pyrolysis unit to contribute significantly to energy efficiency.

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