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Save Your Multi-Million Industries with Soil Amendment Based Activated Carbon

Golf courses can suffer devastating damage due to over fertilizing or chemical spills. The University of Florida’s 2009 Pest Control Guide for Turf Managers states that it is a good idea to keep a bag or two of activated charcoal in stock at all times when managing fine turf so that the activated charcoal can be applied almost immediately without having to wait for delivery after an accidental spill.

A high end golf course in South Carolina lost months of play during the peak tourist season due to an accidental mix-up in which weed killer instead of fertilizer was sprayed on several fairways. Activated carbon effectively removes organic toxins, such as herbicides, from soil, to provide a safe environment for new or existing root systems. Once the
toxin has been adsorbed onto the carbon, it is biologically inactive and cannot cause further damage.

The DirtDoctor website is dedicated to the issues that affect organic gardeners and covers a widerangeof topics. In response to a question on “Soil Detox for Contaminated Soil” the website expert, Howard Garrett, replied: “Digging the soil out and hauling it off is not the answer. If your soil has been contaminated with heavy metals like arsenic and chromium in treated lumber or creosote in railroad ties, or with lead and arsenic from iron supplements, or if the contamination is from pesticides or petroleum spills, the solution is the same. First, stop the contamination. Second, apply the activated charcoal/ carbon.”

Another way that the activated carbon will  protects the environment is its use in removing pesticides from streams and rivers by spraying the edges of fields. This prevents harmful chemicals from entering waterways and contaminating not only the water, but also the aquatic life and plants that make up their fragile ecosystems.

Activated carbon provides unique performance capabilities that help protect our environment. It is widely used in agriculture as a soil amendment to protect and enhance plant and turfgrass growth and vigor. Its ability to decontaminate soil is beneficial when replanting ornamentals, turfgrass or food crops where herbicides have been previously applied. The effectiveness of activated carbon for these applications has made it the product of choice of leading industry professionals.

To reach that purpose of course, reliable industrial charcoal plant needed to support that activated carbon industry. Our system will produce charcoal as you wish, as we fully realize that activated carbon industry need high quality charcoal for their consintent quality of activated carbon. 

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