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Green Technology For Palm Oil Mills

Pyrolysis  is the best technology for palm oil mill biomass waste utilization and on the other side to meet the energy needs of the production process at the oil mill.  Energy is one of the highest cost component  in palm oil mills. Reducing  the cost of production is certainly a very attractive  option to increase the profits of the industry. In addition to  reducing the palm oil mill biomass waste and energy  sufficiency, pyrolysis  application will also provide benefits to soil fertility for the  use of biochar plantations, as shown below. Charcoal from  palm empty fruit bunches  are more suitable for the biochar production to  increase soil fertility due to the high ash content which is about 16.60% or higher than ash of palm shell. Charcoal from empty fruit bunches also good for barbeque charcoal, it means lower quality than industrial charcoal application.

Production of  "green fuel"  of pyrolized palm shells are very potential and promising for palm shell  charcoal briquettes.  With our technology the palm shells can be pyrolyzed for increasing energy density  as high as possible, especially for metal casting or smelter applications with calorific value of 8,000 kcal / kg or more.  Biooil which is the liquid pyrolysis products can be directly used as fuel in the boiler furnace or further purified  for the production of a variety of liquid fuels or as raw material for various chemicals. While  the wood vinegar,liquid products other than biooil will be used as fertilizer  for the palm oil plantation.

Conventional Energy system  of palm oil mill looks  like the diagram below

Conventional Energy System in Palm Oil Mill

Will then be turned into such a scheme following for the  application of continuous  pyrolysis:
Improved Palm Oil Mill with Continous Pyrolysis System

Waste heat recovery from the pyrolysis unit was also  still be used to increase energy production.

Excess  of oil palm shell is also potential for torrefied wood production.Our pyrolysis technology is able to work on the torrefaction mode in addition to the pyrolysis itself. More on our continuous pyrolysis technology, please  click here or here.

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